We welcome each guest as a Shah!

About Shah Restaurant

About Shah Restaurant

"Shah" Restaurant & Gallery opens its doors to all appreciators of Azerbaijan cuisine!  Visited us, you will receive an opportunity to take a voyage into the gastronomical world of colorful and delicious cuisine of Azerbaijan. Cooked by master-chief according to medieval recipes by using only organic products harvested at local farms. 
Each dish has it's own unique history and unforgettable history. Variety and taste of servings will not let you aloof, even the most sophisticated ones. Restaurant & Gallery Shah shows a rich cultural heritage and history of Azerbaijan. Dedicated to Shah Ismael Khatai, warlord and poet, founder of Safavid dynasty. The interior of the restaurant decorated using national ornaments and patterns, carpets, tableaus and pleasant music, will carry you to the period of medieval Azerbaijan.

The history of creating Shah takes its roots from the school years of future historian-restaurateur.
The school was the exact place where he heard about Shah Ismail for the first time and deeply respected him.
During the studying years at Baku State University, he enlarged his cognition about him and start to ponder about unusual ways of contributing to the process of dissemination of his legacy. 
Achieved success not only in scientific but also in the private sector as well as a successful entrepreneur he decides to deliver information to the large mass of society about Shah Ismail's role in the history of Azerbaijan.
Although in the honor of Shah Ismail have been named district, underground, avenues, highest military order and his monuments embellish the number of cities in Azerbaijan nevertheless, occurred an idea of creating museum-restaurant.
The culture of a nation starts from its hospitality and hospitality starts right from the table that has been set in front of guests.
Location for the restaurant has been chosen specifically in the district which named after him nearby of underground and park of his name decorated with monument of him and after initiates the process of recreating the ambience of the medieval period where could be served various dishes of Shah’s period in the interior which has been dedicated to his heritage.
A thorough examination of archives, dish recipes, which have been served on Shah’s festivities during visits of foreign guests and recipes from “Kyarname” the book of Shah’s cook, allowed us to recreate authentic cuisine of Shah’s Palace.
This the story of emerging of the first thematic restaurant in Azerbaijan, where not only interior but also cuisine carries guests to the Shah’s Palace.
In a quick time, restaurant became a beloved place for both locals and guests of the capital.
Four years later, has been decided to enlarge the restaurant and create an art gallery, where you can even buy works that you liked.
Each painting that graces the walls of the restaurant, reflects the life and deeds of Shah Ismail Khatai, which are narrated to each guest.
The gallery represents works of talented local artists.

To the attention of our guests!

On May 23, the day of Shah Ismail's death, we do not accept guests.

On July 17, in honor of Shah Ismail's birthday, all guests receive a 17% discount.

Guests named Ismail receive a 10% discount to the bill. *

Guests born on July 17 receive a 10% discount when to the bill. *

Those wishing to drink for the Shah can receive a glass of homemade wine from restaurant.

 * - Upon presentation of a passport.




"Shah"- is the place where you can spend your time in a charming atmosphere, taste marvellous cuisine, carry out your business meetings with partners or have a romantic dinner.

We will be glad to organize any events or celebrations.

The admirable ambience, lovely music and surely local dishes will leave in you long and pleasant impressions from your banquet, birthday or jubilee. 

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